How to Realize the Full Power of SAP for Digital Transformation!


Businesses need their SAP application to be fast, stable, reliable and continuously optimized so they can drive innovation quickly and efficiently.

But to do this effectively requires time and money. To overcome these complexities, many businesses are looking to transfer the daily operational tasks of managing and maintaining their SAP applications to an external specialist, like Navisite.“

In this whitepaper, you’ll learn more about the SAP expertise Navisite offers their customers including:

+ How businesses are responding post-pandemic
+ The challenges businesses face in the SAP environment
+ Findings from the ISG Provider Lens™ report for SAP HANA Ecosystem Services
+ How Navisite helps companies navigate IT challenges, including an example from PFC Brakes
+ And more about Navisite’s extensive SAP Managed Services offering

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Download the Whitepaper to learn how the SAP market has changed and why managed service provider are becoming a vital player in a business’ digital transformation plans.

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Navisite is dedicated to delivering value for our customers through our:

Strong focus on mid-market 

Large resource base

Broad service coverage
for SAP

Scroll down to download the whitepaper. You can find detailed information about our strengths and how you can profit from a collaboration with Navisite there.

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By leveraging Navisite’s comprehensive SAP application services, businesses gain the flexibility, resources, expertise and more to drive more innovation.


As an SAP Gold Partner, Navisite’s certified SAP experts have a proven track record of successfully managing, migrating and optimizing core SAP solutions.

Make your SAP project a success
in just a few steps

As an award- winning Premier SAP Gold Partner, we apply proven methodologies and deep application experience to assist with any of our customer’s technical and business needs related to SAP, so they maximize their investment.