How to conquer
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Bridging the divide between managers and employees to improve employee experience


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The pandemic put a lot of stress on the global workforce. Relations between managers and employees often became strained prompting many people to leave their job. It is now an urgent task for managers and employees to improve relations and overcome the Great Regret.

In this Whitepaper you will learn about the expertise UKG delivers for improving people performance and experience, including:

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Workforce Technology by UKG
Our Purpose is People

Where, when and how we work has changed dramatically following the pandemic. People are leaving organisations, seeking new employers who can meet their personal needs and align with their values.

It‘s time to focus on your people. To recruit, retain and engage the people you need to succeed you have to improve relationships between the business, managers and employees. UKG people solutions makes your people feel valued.




Workforce management is the backbone of your wider HCM practices. Make sure that you’re automating processes and delivering information in ways that don’t just protect the bottom line, but also support your people’s success.

UKG Workforce Management allows you to streamline demand forecasting, scheduling, time, attendance, absence and more to help your people and your business reach their potential.




UKG HR Service Delivery transform the employee experience with a contextualized, intuitive platform that’s been built for HR, by HR experts. Spend less time on manual tasks, more time on strategic initiatives with greater workflow automation, and instantly route requests to the right team member. Give your people the power to self-service and initiate HR processes themselves with a contextualized knowledge base that’s available from any device.




UKG for People Operations is the first solution to combine the power and benefits of Workforce Management and HR Service Delivery into a single suite, designed to deliver unprecedented levels of automation and insight

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With over 70 years of expertise with BOTH people systems and systems of work, no one knows people and how they work better than UKG. UKG helped 70,000+ organisations across every industry anticipate and adapt to their employees’ needs beyond just work. They strive to deliver a customer experience like none other, as they work to deliver exceptional value and, more importantly, confidence. 

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UKG is a leading provider of HR, HR service delivery and workforce management solutions for all people. But don’t just take their word for it: They are the only enterprise vendor ranked as a leader by all major analysts and peer review sites and have been recognised around the world for their workplace culture, innovative practices and commitment to customer success. 

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